• What is the question you are being?

    • How can I wake up from a life that brings every day the same stories?
    • How can I enter into more intimate spaces with the people around me, including my neighbors and my boss?
    • Where do I find the power to start living beyond merely surviving?
    • How do I find the voice to declare to everyone what is in my heart?
    • How can I find out what I want if it is not on the menu?
    • How can I use my attention to navigate to the sacred spaces that we have been designed to inhabit while commuting, working, eating, playing...?
    • How can I change worrying about money into using it to finance my destiny?
    • What else is possible right now?
  • What Possibility Management Is...

    Authentic Transformation

    Since the 1970s, a committed and growing community has been working to bring to life an ever-evolving collection of practices and perspectives called Possibility Management.


    In Possibility Management, we learn how to transform our ways of relating to thinking, feeling and doing; a process we call upgrading human "thoughtware".

    With new thoughtware, you can create completely new life results without changing the circumstances.

    Possibility Management builds bridges between modern culture (which brings humanity to its limits) and Next Cultures (which are sustainable and sane).

    Through transformational trainings, Possibility Management offers modern initiation into adulthood. We create deeply safe and beautiful training spaces to explore richly exciting territories of experiential learning for the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Energetic and Archetypal bodies.


  • Learning to Consciously Feel

    Lowering the Numbness Bar

    In Modern culture, feeling numb is seen as equal to feeling good. How else could the ocean become so full of plastic unless numbness was a primary quality of the decision-makers in charge? In Possibility Management, we aim to discover how consciously feeling can be an empowering and beautiful experience.

    The feelings work in Possibility Management is NOT about getting rid of your feelings or feeling good after you've had a good yell. In the trainings you will learn to reconnect to anger, sadness, fear, and joy step by step at the very pace in which your nervous system can hold and integrate it sustainably. Once you have reconnected to your feelings you will be able to respond to unwanted situations faster and with more clarity, navigate delicate spaces with more precision, and endure more ecstasy in your day-to-day life.


  • Adulthood Initiation

    Truly Growing Up

    For tens of thousands of years, humans have led the adolescents of their communities through rituals and processes designed to initiate them into becoming fully-fledged & responsible adult members of their community. Like most of us, you probably missed out on your rite of passage. It's time to grow up- now more than ever.

    When you look out into the world, seeing all the challenges we face as a species, is there something deep within you that wishes to respond? Do you sense that you have a meaningful gift to contribute to the world? Do you have access to that gift? Do you have a team of collaborators cheering for your success?

    Possibility management offers safe and extraordinary pathways for you to step into your rite of passage into adulthood. The journey is worth it.


    No one can take the next step on the path of initiation for you and NO ONE one can stop you from doing it!

  • Expanded Training and Experiments

    1 Expand The Box

    transformational weekend workshop

    Expand the Box is the core training for Possibility Management: a safe and astonishing 3-5 day learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviours.


    Expand The Box is a safe learning environment where you work as a team to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility. The key to these discoveries lies in the extraordinary thought-maps, tools, techniques and processes of Possibility Management.

    We train individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group. Learning occurs through practising new forms of experiencing and creating in the safest of conditions, where you can make maximum mistakes with only positive consequences.


    More about ETB Here

    2 Feelings Adventure Day

    one day experiential workshop



    In this workshop you learn to clearly communicate about your feelings and distinguish them from your emotions. There is a very practical reason why you need this learning: feelings are the rocket fuel for your destiny.


    Feelings are one of your internal resources, one you have probably not been using. Learning how to clearly communicate your feelings and emotions does not take so long.


    Being able to unmix emotions for example of shame into its component parts of anger, sadness, and fear, can make the shame experience disappear immediately.


    The same is true for jealousy, greed, guilt, envy, resentment, disgust, etc.


    More about Feelings Work


    3 Rage Club

    learning to use anger to do the next thing


    The purpose of Rage Club is to change your relationship to the feeling of anger so that anger is consciously available to you as an adult whenever you need it, without being possessed or overwhelmed by it.


    In modern culture we are deeply conditioned to believe that it is not okay to be angry because “anger is one of the negative feelings,” and “anger is dangerous, loud, embarrassing, uncivilized”. When you learn to own your anger and use it responsibly, you get clarity and can act, protect yourself and avoid creating victim-drama-stories.


    Rage Clubs are an extremely safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect to the adult and archetypal power and intelligence of your anger.


    More about Rage Club Here

    4 Intimacy Exploratorium

    there is never no-intimacy. what kind of intimacy do you offer?


    Intimacy Exploratorium is an experiential workshop using the tools of Possibility Management for all who are longing for more depth, authenticity and playfulness in their relationships.


    For those who are willing to learn to create what they are longing for, who are looking for new impulses and inspiration, who just appreciate being in a safe and well-held space to take the next step toward negotiating intimacy.


    Bring your partners, lovers, friends, family or just come on your own! You will have a chance to explore the places where you block intimacy and where you can open into more connection with yourself and others. Find real-time resolutions to relationship difficulties.





    5 Possibility Lab

    advanced possibility management training


    Although both beginners and advanced participants join the trainings at the same time, the learning turns out to be very personal, addressing individual topics. It is a tradition in Possibility Management that advanced participants share their experiences with new participants.


    In Possibility Labs each participant is met where they are and goes through those particular processes which are most valuable for him or her personally at this stage in their life. That is why Possibility Labs are unpredictable, exciting and different each time, both for participants and for the Trainers.


    During Possibility Labs we work individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group using parallel play within a creative sanctuary. We set up and take down the training spaces together. We plan, shop for, prepare and clean-up meals together. This builds the practical capacity to create a learning community.


    More about Possibility lab and a calendar of labs in different locations around the world.

    6 Possibility Coaching

    transformational personal sessions


    Possibility coaching guides you to take a gentle but precise look at the thought-ware you are using to think with.


    It does not only address the intellect, but also works on the physical, emotional, and energetic level. A main factor of the coaching is the conscious feelings work to enhance your full potential.


    You go to the core of your process in a safe and supportive space. Together with your Possibility Coach, you discover sources of inner blocks or hidden doors to your potential.


    It is you determining the pace. Your Possibility Coach goes as far with you as you are willing to go.


    I am available for possibility coaching sessions.

    Patricio Diaz_possibilitymanagementnyc@gmail.com_646 479 3998


    More about Possibility Coaching Sessions.

  • Expand the Box


    January 16-18, 2022


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    Tepotzlan, Mexico

    Feb 19-22





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    Homestead, Florida

    March 26-28


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    Expand The Box


    April 4-9


    More info and Registration

    Equipo de Posibilidad


    Every Thursday 7:30-8:45 pm EST


    More info and Registration

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  • Patricio

    Possibility Management has influenced my life in ways that have profoundly changed the way I relate to my family, friends, work and how I want to spend every second from here on: being a grown-up, a responsible adult committed to holding spaces dedicated to building the tools for retrieving the treasures from the underworld, to crafting the gear needed to go up the mountain for the breathtaking view and come back to the ordinary world where we can embody what is next in our path in evolution and consciousness.


    Being a professional musician and teacher, living in an intentional community for 30 years, being a father of a loving young man and travelling around the world playing, exploring and experimenting with friends, teachers, gurus, and communities have been my personal laboratories for experimenting and taking part in the magic that is building bridges to next cultures.